Charles Hedges, portrayed by Peter Caffrey, is a TV executive who produces the Song for Europe competition that Ted Crilly, Dougal McGuire, Dick Byrne and Cyril MacDuff all enter to find Ireland's next Eurovision entry.

He is the lover of host Fred Rickwood and when he initially mentions to Ted that they are partners, the latter thinks he means that they work together until Charles mentions that the two men are lovers, which makes Ted noticeably uncomfortable, since the Church believes that homosexuality is wrong, and he puts his foot in his mouth until Charles asks him if he is looking forward to the show.

He expresses admiration for Rick's presenting skills and afterwards as they celebrate Ted and Dougal's win an angry Dick storms into the room, complaining that his and Cyril's song should have won instead as Ted and Dougal's entry was just the same note played over and over again. Charles and Rick explain that Ted and Dougal's entry just had more to it, giving an illogical explanation for why they chose it until Charles quietly tells Rick that they should get Ted and Dougal out the back exit to the building because of the angry mob outside.