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Fintan Fay (also known as the 'Monkey Priest') is an elderly priest portrayed by the late Irish actor Jimmy Keogh. Working in a parish in Killybashangel, Ireland he is speech-impaired and communicates through strange, gibbering, one-syllable noises. However, it seems that everyone can understand him.


It seems that Fay is both physically and mentally disabled, and is usually accompanied by another priest acting as a carer. He is frightened by his own reflection, and his carers make sure he doesn't see his dog-collar as he doesn't know he is a priest. He walks with a strange, neanderthal stride, and usually needs to hold someone's hand. His speech and gait both earned him the nickname, the 'Monkey Priest'.

Despite this, Fay gave a speech to try and earn a parachute during an ill-fated plane journey. Despite giving the speech through his strange, monkey-like language, everyone present seemed to understand it, so much so that they appluaded when he had finished. 

Name etymology

  • Fay's first name, 'Fintan', is of Gaelic and Irish origin, and means 'little fair one'.
  • 'Fay' is of Gaelic and Irish origin, and means 'raven'.

Behind the scenes

  • The name of his parish 'Killybashangel' is a play on the name of Irish drama series 'Ballykissangel'.


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