Good Luck, Father Ted
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Good Luck, Father Ted
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Good Luck, Father Ted is the first episode of the Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted.


A television programme offers to interview Father Ted Crilly. However Ted goes to extreme lengths to ensure the other members of the clergy on the island don't interrupt his moment in the spotlight. Meanwhile Craggy Island hosts Fun Land, a fun fair to which Dougal is desperate to go. Ted takes the film crew to the fair, leading to a massive mess


A producer from a Telly Éireann television programme, Faith of our Fathers, phones the parochial house offering to interview Ted for an episode about priests who work in remote areas. Ted is only too happy to be interviewed, but doesn't want either of the other priests to also have the privilege (also fearing embarrassment), and tells the producer that he is the only priest living on Craggy Island.

Dougal is set on going to 'Fun Land,' a funfair taking place in 'The Field' - which isn't actually a field, but merely a place containing fewer rocks than any other place on the island. Ted discourages this, as priests are expected to demonstrate restraint, ironic given his fixation on his upcoming television appearance. However, as Ted is trying desperately to get to 'The Field' where he is about to be interviewed, he forgets that 'Fun Land' is also there.

When they arrive at 'Fun Land' it is shown in reality to be an extremely boring place with highly mundane attractions. Ted is spotted by Dougal, who calls him over. Ted at first asks why Dougal is here instead of taking Jack for his walk to the cliffs; Dougal initially replies "they were closed", and then upon hearing Ted's scepticism changes to "they were gone" due to erosion. Ted tries his best to usher the pair away, so that he can be interviewed in peace.

Whilst Ted takes Dougal away to tell him how seriously Catholicism should be taken, Father Jack runs off. They split up to try and find him; Ted sees Jack sitting on a bench, asleep, and sits down with him for a moment. The bench, however, is actually the "Crane of Death" (so called because a young man was killed on it the year before), which is lifted high off the ground by a crane. Ted stands up to take Father Jack back to his wheelchair, but suddenly realises he is in the air, and sits back down.

As all of this has been taking place, Dougal has met the television crew, and, as Ted has stated he is the island's only priest, they assume he is Father Ted. On seeing this, Ted, still sitting on the bench in mid-air, decides he has to do something, so throws himself to the ground, severely injuring himself.

The episode ends with Ted, Jack, Dougal and Mrs Doyle watching Dougal's interview, in which he expresses his doubts about Christianity and says that he does not know whether he believes in organised religion, as well as relating elements of a nonsensical dream he has confused with reality. As he is seen on the TV, the on-screen caption reads "Father Ted Crilly". However, Jack takes offence at Dougal's on-screen self, and destroys the device with a hurled liquor bottle.


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  • After the broadcast of the first episode, Channel 4 received just two complaints: one criticizing it for being too anti-Catholic Church, and the other criticizing it for being too pro-Catholic Church.
  • 'Funland' is a parody of the popular Irish theme park 'Funderland'.


While this was the first Father Ted episode broadcast, it was not always intended to be; the writers originally planned to air "The Passion of Saint Tibulus" first, but later decided that "Good Luck, Father Ted" would make a better introduction. Linehan makes a non-speaking cameo appearance, goading the "fierce man" on the stepladder at Funland. Mathews also makes a cameo as the voice on the Funland intercom; the voice Mathews adopts here is the one he used while playing "Father Ted" in a stand-up routine he performed prior to the series's creation.[1]



Series 1
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