Lawrence "Larry" Duff is a friend of Ted's who always has accidents whenever the latter calls him. Ted describes him as being "tremendously fun". He was portrayed by Irish actor Tony Guilfoyle.


Larry's accidents are foretold by Ted reaching for his phone to contact him at the worst possible moment. Larry, who leads a somewhat exciting lifestyle for a priest, has suffered terrible catastrophies as a result in the following episodes:

  • Hell - his first appearance, where he drives off a cliff.
  • Tentacles of Doom - where the priest gets skewered by a blindfolded knife thrower.
  • Old Grey Whistle Theft - being a arrested with a fellow priest being investigated for smuggling weapons to terrorists.
  • The Plague - he is mauled by a pack of 12 Rottweilers having given up on the idea of owning rabbits.
  • Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading - he loses £10,000 in a gameshow.
  • New Jack City - he accidentally clasps his ear with a stapler after mistaking for his phone while arranging a pyramid of playing cards. The shock causes him to fall into the cards,
  • Flight into Terror - getting trampled upon by donkeys.
  • A Christmassy Ted - once when he is skiing on his Christmas holiday, suffering a broken arm, (he's wearing the number 13 on his chest) and again when he is trapped under an avalanche.

Although Duff gets trampled on, assaulted and beaten a lot, by the time of his next appearance he is always in rude health, showing no signs of his most recent injuries. Following his final appearance, his fate remains unknown.