Liam Finnegan was a priest who worked in an unknown parish somewhere in Ireland. He had an extreme addiction to dancing and, despite doctor's warnings, danced at least twelve hours a day.


In 1995, Finnegan danced across America, from New York to Los Angeles, to promote peace and goodwill, however, he was mugged once every fifteen miles.

Father Ted Crilly borrowed his car in with the intention of using it as the prize in a raffle. Nearly immediately after he had left, Finnegan collapsed of a heart attack which was brought on by his severe addiction to dancing, and died later on.

Name etymology

  • 'Liam' is a popular Irish abbreviation of 'William'.
  • 'Finnegan' is of Gaelic and Irish origin, and means 'fair'.
  • Finnegan is commonly referred to as 'The Dancing Priest' for obvious reasons.

Behind the scenes


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