Mr. Benson is the curator of the island's picnic spot.  He was portrayed by Irish actor Mal Whyte.


He first encounters Ted Crilly when the latter is accosted by a rude couple as he is trying to enjoy his day out and is told by Benson to drop the plastic fork he is holding.

His beloved grey whistle is stolen one night and ends up in Dougal McGuire's possession, having been given to him by the real thief Damien Lennon. The trauma of losing the whistle caused one of Benson's legs to lose all feeling but he also lost his memory and thus ended up in wheelchair, mistakenly hitting the other leg that hadn't lost all feeling.

He also had an affair with his wife's sister while his wife was in hospital and got his babysitter pregnant.  Ted tells Dougal this after Benson shows up for confession on numerous ocassions.