Terry McNamee is a producer for the religious discussion show Faith of Our Fathers, which airs on Telly Éireann.


He phones Ted to ask if he would be interested in being a part of his television show, telling him that he was the first person they asked (in fact he's the thirteenth according a list of names crossed off).

When he arrives on the island Ted, who's being very secretive with Dougal, tells Terry to ask Tom for directions to a big field where they will meet for the interview. Unfortunately, when Ted arrives he discovers that the "Fun Land" carnival is taking place and Dougal and Jack are attending it. After Jack wanders off, Ted finds him and attempts to rouse him, only to find that they are on the "Crane of Death" ride and Terry and the crew are interviewing Dougal, who they mistake for Ted. Jack knocks Ted off the ride, seriously injuring him.

They later watch the interview together with Ted bandaged from head to toe and Dougal excitedly unable to believe he was on television.